Octopus Visualization - Key Features

Octopus Visualization is a 3D rendering tool, allowing to visualize 3D objects in a number of ways. The program is free to use by completing the download form, and offers the following key features:

Various rendering methods
Octopus Visualization offers the possibility to use a variety of different rendering methods:
   - Volume Rendering using colored opacity curve
   - Surface Rendering
   - Orthogonal slicing
   - Maximum Intensity projection
   - Summed / X-ray projection

Advanced lighting settings
Three different virtual light sources with shadow effects can be adjusted separately to yield a realistic image with your specific needs.

Adjustable rendering quality
The rendering quality and resolution can be altered during your work, so you can very quickly evaluate your actions and save images at the highest quality

Link with Octopus Analysis
Object data from Octopus Analysis can be easily imported in Octopus Visualization, where additional functionality is enabled.

Object manipulation
The object can be virtually manipulated in a number of different ways, including cropping and reslicing after rotation.

Volume filtering
Octopus Visualization includes three filtering methods to reduce noise in the reconstruction:
   - Median filter
   - Gauss filter
   - Non-linear diffusion

Movie creator
Octopus Visualization features an extremely user-friendly movie creator, interpolating between custom keyframes.

Because Octopus Visualization is free to use, we do not offer support on this program. However, should you have any remark, comment or bug report, feel free to contact us.