Octopus Reconstruction - High Performance

Optimal reconstruction performance is achieved on a single desktop computer, on a cluster of dedicated reconstruction nodes or on a graphical processing unit. The performance is illustrated below for typical datasets acquired in cone beam, reconstructed on a single desktop computer (Intel® CoreTM i7-930, NVIDIA® 470 GTX, 8 GB RAM, single SATA disk).

512³ reconstruction grid - 500 projections of 512²

CPU: 58 sec

GPU: 30 sec

1024³ reconstruction grid - 1000 projections of 1024²

CPU: 9 min 20 sec

GPU: 2 min 40 sec

2048³ reconstruction grid - 2000 projections of 2048²

CPU: 2 hours 30 min 0 sec

GPU: 55 min 20 sec

The timings include file I/O in the reconstruction process (including the use of temp files when applicable), but exclude data preparation.