Octopus Reconstruction - Key Features

Octopus Reconstruction provides the following key features to improve your tomographic reconstruction:

Scanner independent

Octopus is designed to accept input data from various data sources and scanning geometries. Whether you acquire your data at a synchrotron, neutron or X-ray tube set-up, Octopus provides a high performance and flexible solution for your data sets.

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High Performance

Optimal reconstruction performance is achieved on a single desktop computer, on a cluster of dedicated reconstruction nodes or on a graphical processing unit. The user can tailor the hardware configuration to his specific needs without complex set-up procedures.

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Efficient memory usage

Octopus reduces the amount of required RAM memory for each scan geometry without compromising performance. Combined with our native 64-bit version this allows to reconstruct large datasets of more than 2K³ on a standard desktop computer.

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Ring filtering

The two-step ring filtering allows for optimal reduction of ring artifacts.

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Powerful and flexible

With both an intuitive interface and a flexible Software Development Kit, Octopus is suited for both novel and advanced users and is written from the point of view of a typical user of a tomography set-up.

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