Octopus Reconstruction

Octopus Reconstruction is one of the leading packages for reconstruction of tomography data. It combines high performance reconstruction routines for parallel, fan and cone beam data with advanced artifact reduction methods and an intuitive graphical user interface. Optimal reconstruction performance can be obtained by distributing the calculations to multiple CPU cores, multiple computers or a graphics processing unit (GPU). Our Software Development Kit allows our customers to integrate the high performance routines in their own software environment.

The Octopus reconstruction package was initially developed for the reconstruction of parallel beam neutron tomography data, and has since evolved to one of the most versatile and performing packages for the processing of tomography data acquired in almost any geometry.

Octopus provides an intuitive interface, an extensive Software Development Kit and high performance routines on various hardware configurations. Combined with unique features such as single slice evaluation, allowing to tune the reconstruction parameters without processing the complete volume, Octopus is an ideal solution for both novice and advanced users