Octopus Analysis - Applications

Aluminium foam:
Octopus Analysis was used to provide information about the pore size distribution in aluminium foams. Additionally, the material properties were analyzed based on a skeletonized model of the foam.

Food science:
This bread sample was analyzed to determine the pore distribution and pore shape parameters.

Fractures in weathered stone samples are characterized and separated from existing pore space based on shape parameters. Similarly, grains can be separated based on parameters such as shape or average gray value.

The pore size distribution before (top) and after (bottom) dissolution of a tablet is determined using Octopus Analysis. The distance from the sample surface, which could be analyzed using the VOI determination, was shown to have a strong influence.

Wood science:
Segmentation of separate tracheids and rays in wood

  • Aluminium foam
  • Bread
  • Geology
  • Geology - parameter based object selection
  • Pharmacy
  • Wood science